September 24th, 2017
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One of the fun things of doing remixes, is that you may write something you never thought you would ever write. Like a Draco Malfoy romance. But here it is.

Title: Sunset (The Tequila Sunrise Remix)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: Teen
Word Count:
Characters/pairing: Rose/Weasley/Draco Malfoy
Warnings: Age difference
Summary: Rose grows up hating Draco Malfoy. Then she meets him.
AN: A remix of chantefable’s Tequila Sunrise. Her story is from Draco’s POV, mine from Rose’s.

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Somehow in all of the excitement that has been our September I missed my C25k anniversary! It's been a year now since I've started running regularly. In the past 12 months I've run over 700km which is a wild number if you consider that before June 2016 the number of km I ran annually was a total of zero. Every year for my entire life - childhood dashing about and a few painful PE lessons excepted. And now it's hundreds and hundreds.

I mean. My daily average is 2km. Again - of running. Per. Day!

This totally merited a whole post of me kind of boggling at/feeling accomplished about this particular lifestyle change and achievement.

But today's run did not go as planned. I was on a pedestrian/cycle path, crossing a local green space when three young teen boys cycled towards me - rudely taking up almost all the path, forcing me to the very edge as they passed - when


The shitty brats had thrown paint all over me. Fortunately nothing worse than paint - I can think of quite a few less pleasant options - but yeah. Bright neon pink paint on my face, neck, t-shirt, shorts, headphones and a bit on one of my shoes and in my hair. I was so shocked I fumbled getting my phone out and they were quite far away when I snapped a shot of them (but I do have one - and then I took one of my own paint-covered self).

I called the non-emergency police line, because this is Britain and I can do that without risking getting some kid shot. And it felt so good to report it and hear the lady I talked to call it ASSAULT and note down all the details so if this happens again there will be an incident report to link it to my case. I don't think anything is going to come of this, but I was offered victim support and asked if I wanted to follow up and generally got the impression the police agreed that this was Not OK and that I was right to have called them about it. It took the edge off my fury (I was so angry I was actually crying when I started the call) and by the time I made it home the report had been made and I could focus on getting sympathy from [personal profile] doctorskuld and wash the drying paint off.

Which it did, quite easily. The clothes are in the washer, but hopefully they'll be fine too. (Update: they're not fine. We're trying to find ways of getting the paint out of them, but...)

And I'm not angry anymore, but I know I'll feel uneasy the next time I run that particular stretch of path, and the next time teens - any teens - come biking towards me. Ugh.

But the worst part is that I was aiming at being at 55km for this month at the start of the week, and now I'm not. I had plans and goals and those kids just ruined it for absolutely no good reason except "lol lets throw paint at that woman". (There were plenty of other people out and about, and they only targeted me - I'm pretty sure because I'm a woman and slow and neither young nor athlete-lithe...)

Anyway my lovely wife has made portobello mushroom burgers for dinner and I am clean and warm and safe. And on Tuesday I'm making 55k for sure. ♥

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Posted by Julie Muncy

It’s been seven years and twelve (really, twelve?) films since the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the original Thor. As Hiddleston gears up for yet another appearance as the God of Mischief in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, he’s a little surprised he’s still here.


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I bought a copy of Ali Smith's Autumn in the Oxfam bookshop in York last week, because they were playing Leonard Cohen and I ended up browsing the contemporary fiction section much more closely than I often do because I wanted to keep listening to it. It was the day the Booker shortlist had been announced so someone had been talking about the book on the radio as I was driving up; it sounded interesting so I thought I might as well buy it when I saw a copy there.

It's a strange book. Essentially, it's the story of a friendship between an elderly man and little girl, growing and developing across the space of years, but it's also a complicated web of allusions through which Smith considers questions of time, memory, love and art; key influences are Dickens (the opening sentence is "It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times") and Ovid's Metamorphoses although there are many others. Its time-hopping, non-linear format jumps between the aftermath of the Brexit vote (the novel was published last October and it was clearly written, fast, after the referendum), the 1990s, the Profumo scandal of the 1960s and World War 2 and the years immediately preceding it. It's funny and thought-provoking, melancholy and angry and also somehow hopeful. And the prose is beautiful and poetic. It's a short book, and a quick read, but I think it will stay with me.
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Cheetah pondering the phrase “to sow your wild oats”.

If the oats have been sown, then they’re not exactly wild now, are they?

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"Hotumn" continues in Ottawa-Gatineau. Sweat from scalp to soles is normal-abnormal right now. Sleep continues to be a luxury item by virtue of being a medical necessity.

The Invictus Games are underway in Toronto, as are the German elections, the continuing weather/climate turmoil in the Caribbean Islands, the post-quake trauma in several regions of Mexico...and on it goes. This world continues to be a busy place, defying anyone's ability to fully understand it at any one moment. I can still live with that.

The Big Event for me as a science fiction fan tonight is Star Trek: Discovery's opening episode, "The Vulcan Hello". I can't say that I'm pleased with the idea of the series being available by subscription-streaming over the Net everywhere else on the planet, but at least Canada's managed to avoid that for now via Space Channel.

Also, I'm still getting used to this being the first Trek branch-series filmed on soundstages outside the USA. In Toronto, of all places. Just over four hours away from me by passenger train. This wasn't a thing I'd ever really expected to happen. Sure, I'd imagined branch series created for every language in which Trek is watched these days in the places where those languages were most presently in use. Which was probably less than practical, even nowadays.

Not sure yet about the design aesthetics of the series, but we'll see how it goes. Looking forward to those maps they've been talking about in Lorca's ready room...
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Posted by Tom McKay on Sploid, shared by Julie Muncy to io9

There’s making an entrance and then there’s making an entrance. Beloved science educator Bill Nye made one of the latter recently while he was just trying to get beween floors.


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We don't have any problem with convicted felons on the NFL field, but political dissent is right out.

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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to find this canon-era fic where Arthur is absolutely horrible to Merlin, but it turns out he's only doing it because Merlin made him promise to, like it's part of some plan of Merlin's. It's kind of time-jumpy and very angsty because it's hard on Arthur to be SO mean to Merlin. The reader doesn't know the reason he's being so horrible, but knows there must be one. Anyone remember this??

Oh--I remember the reason Arthur is being so cruel and distant. It's so it's believable when Merlin goes and joins Morgana. I think Merlin wiped his own memory or something so he doesn't even know why Arthur is being so awful, but Arthur has to keep it up because he PROMISED Merlin.
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Me at the start of the Great East Run

Great East Run today! :D It was a lot warmer than I'd expected after the weather this week, and I've not been training as much as I wanted (half-pulled a muscle in my right calf a few weeks ago so I've been nursing that along). So I'm pretty damn pleased to've got my second fastest half marathon ever, 13.1 miles in 2:23:55 :D Still dunno how I managed 7 mins faster in Cambridge last year!

Stats from Garmin (it measured a little short on the GPS)

Distance: 13:07mi
Pace: 11:01min/mi
Time: 2:24:03

Me & J after we got home from the Great East Run.
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Posted by Germain Lussier

The world is ending. Humans no longer have the capacity to reproduce. For the answers, they’ll send people below the surface of the Earth, where the clones humans used and discarded thousands of years ago have taken up residence.


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Well, I guess there are plenty more comatose fish in the sea.

New comic!
Today's News:

Hey geeks! You can enter for a chance to win an early copy of Soonish here!

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Based on what we know so far, it sounds like the Flash, played by Ezra Miller, will be an essential component of the upcoming Justice League movie. But if recent news is any indication, the world around the Flash won’t be getting nearly as fleshed out as we thought it would.


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…Next week will probably be better? I moved a week ago today, and came down with a cold a few days after that, so this has not been a week conducive to doing… much of anything. (Except playing Stardew Valley. So much Stardew Valley.) But I am alive! And I did write more than zero words this week! And I am trying to get back into familiar routines, so here we are.

WIPs currently active: 6

Words written this week: 817

WIPs that got no words this week: 3 - broken dick epic, ace!Bitty longfic, Jack/Bitty kidfic

WIPs that did get words this week:

Born in the Blood: 223, and I have nearly! made! an important! transition! almost! maybe!

Slavefic #6: 203, and Threetoo! is thinking! some thoughts! about! something! I think I remember what I figured out about this literally a month ago! probably!

Kinktober fic for Day 1 (Bucky/Steve): 391, and I have remembered that the key to writing genuinely short PWP for me is “start with both characters in bed and at least one of them naked” so good job me. 

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Kihai the Grandiose

I was supposed to run D&D last night but for various reasons (mostly related to insomnia) I hadn't had time to finish prepping. My game is at a particularly lore-intensive moment right now, and while monster encounters and action scenes are fairly easy to run off the cuff, getting the world right requires a little thinking ahead.

Luckily [personal profile] inkblitz stepped in with a fun little side-trip adventure for his game. Following last week's goblin-and-dragon-hunting jaunt, the party was in Greenfork, flush with cash. Kihai, raised in the desert by his semi-nomadic Tabaxi kinfolk and now a wandering monk, had never had as much as a hundred and thirty REAL gold pieces and immediately bought himself a fancy hat, a statue of the Cat Lord (actually just a cat-motif doorstop), and a bunch of other useless junk... most of which his Aunt Graycape immediately forced him to return, although she did insist he keep a platinum earring. (Little did he know that she was using the earring as part of a warding bond spell.)

The otherwise-placid morning was interrupted by... )

It was a fun session! Kihai is such a lovable little doofus that he's just as much fun when he fails at things as when he succeeds, although I still get frustrated at the way the dice tend to hobble things I should be good at. (Kihai has a high Dex and Wis, but rarely rolls higher than 6 or 8 on checks involving those. On the other hand, when asked for Investigation checks, at which he has -1, he rolls 18s. Go fig.) Blitzy has a good eye for a fun scenario, and the group did a little better at working together instead of at cross-purposes this time. The detail of the apprentice recognizing the bear's cloak, which I was just going on about for RP silliness, was a nice touch.

So, good game. :) And, as Blitzy has officially set his campaign in Orbis Leonis, it gave me some fodder for next week's session as well. I'll be back in the DM saddle then, by hook or by crook.

-The Gneech

[1] Immediately mangled to "Sheepbright," because Kihai seems to have difficulty getting people's names right.

[2] "It goes with the hat!"

[3] Kihai, being an elemental monk, can create small flame/air/water/earthy effects, but he has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to arcana, so he just made up a bunch of nonsensical junk. He's also a very bad bluffer. "I am the Great and Powerful Kihai! Kamazotz! Yakka-maraca!" But they never really expected the deception to last. They made it past the guards and got the door open, and that was a success.

[4] Which she actually managed to roll almost the minimum damage on (4d6 for 1, 1, 1, 2), but it was still enough!
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I was diagnosed with a disease very similar to Lyme Disease called Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever which is caused by an infection of a spirochete bacterium called borrelia hermsii. Usually Lyme Disease is caused by an infection of borrelia burgdorferi, but any infection by a borrelia (borreliosis) is getting named Lyme.

At least we think it is hermsii. The various tests have a weird overlap, and are not 100% accurate. Yes, this caused problems. It is somewhat moot, since many of types of borreliosis have the same treatment: specific antibiotics.

We have no idea when I got the tick bite that infected me. Borrelia hermsii is probably not local to New England where I have lived for over twenty years. It is native to the Rocky Mountains which I visited thirty years ago. So, there is a chance I got it way back then and it just cycled in and out for most of my adult life. It is called “Relapsing Fever,” after all.

We just don’t know when and where I got it.

What we do know is that after several months of antibiotics, I felt better. Which was good, for about a year. Then it slowly came back.

But, Lyme can cause issues between the initial “I don’t feel well” and the final prescription of antibiotics. Since the major symptoms of Lyme are usually, “I’m tired and kind of achy all the time,” doctors want to make sure it isn’t one of the hundreds of other things that can cause that, from arthritis to zinc poisoning. For me, this meant close to a year between when I first went in with flu-like symptoms to finally getting a smoking gun diagnosis.

Now is where the mind games began. Am I just tired or stressed? Is it something else? Such as a cold or another minor health issue? Because the symptoms are so generic you can’t tell. If one of the symptoms was that your skin turned purple, that would be great! You’d wake up one morning, look in the mirror, call the doctor, and they’d give you antibiotics. You’d go to work or hang out with friends and they could easily see you were sick.

But it doesn’t work that way. It is invisible, even from inside.

Now, I want to talk about the symptoms, at least for me. At first it was muscle aches and fatigue. I honestly thought it was a flu at the time. And I mean fatigue. I was sleeping a lot, pretty much all weekend. I used up all my sick and vacation time at work, even taking unpaid days. Fortunately, my work was very supportive.

That's how it started. Then came the neurological issues, starting with memory loss. My memory was never great to begin with, so memory loss was one of the more serious issues. I got real good at taking notes or putting everything in the calendar; to do lists; the whole shebang. This made me very organized at work since I assumed I might forget almost anything.

Apparently, Lyme causes lesions on the brain.

At one point my girl-friend told me to put an upcoming event “into my brain.” She then clarified when she said, “my brain” she meant I needed to put the event into my phone’s calendar. I replied that I knew what she meant and that the pink thing in my head was only good for “chicken noises and sloshing sounds.”

I also had issues finding words, or understanding words. I had my hearing tested and it was fine, but the part of my brain that turned sounds into words wasn’t working. I would just hear mumbling.

In fact, this all could have been so much worse. It took a long time to diagnose, but it was, and there was a hard lab result to say it wasn’t just all in my head or depression. There is a treatment for it. It is a slow treatment and even after the disease is gone, it takes months to recover, but it was something. But, the treatment doesn’t always cure it; instead it can go dormant and not cause symptoms, but also not be affected by antibiotics.

Between the weirdness of the disease and the neurological issues, you start to doubt your judgement, especially when memory is also an issue. You wonder if you should take a day off and just rest, or is that the worst thing because you have to get back into shape and exercise? With the memory issues it is hard to tell if you are getting better or worse week by week.

Since there are no visible symptoms, and often, even from inside, no objective symptoms, it can feel like a bad night’s rest, or you overdid it the day before. Did I walk too much yesterday, or not enough? Then add some cabin fever to make it hard to be subjective, since you will get sick of your bed and your place after a couple of years.

As I write this, it is a perfect summer day outside, good for the beach or something. I might go out. I feel I should go out, since winter will be here at some point and I am wasting the day. Sometimes it is hard to not beat yourself up and call yourself lazy.

On the other hand, I have to rest after putting clothes on or taking a shower. If I talk to someone socially, my brain sort of runs out after an hour. Hard to keep a conversation going when you can barely follow the plot of an eleven minute cartoon. And I am better than I was.

I work in computers, so being somewhat less than social is just part of the workplace, and I can control how much information I need to take in at a time. I can also work from home, which is great when you are really sick, but adds to the cabin fever.

People talk about “invisible disabilities” or “invisible illnesses.” This is one of those, even to the person who has it. It can sneak up on you: you think everything is going well one day and then the afternoon hits and you can barely move. People will see you being active and assume you are healthy. Hell, I will see myself being active and assume it is over, and the next day I am exhausted.

I don’t have the answer to that, not even close. I try to “push myself, but gently.” Still trying to figure out what that means. There is just no way to know.

Am I cured right now? No one knows. Maybe? Maybe I will get a bout of it again.

This bring me to the emotional exhaustion that sets in. Even if your body is more or less able to function, you can just run out of cope. Cope is a limited resource. People only have so much willpower to be able to function in a day. Most people very rarely get really low on willpower; some people have never run out and don’t understand that it can run out.

But it can run out, and it can get to the point where you have very little in a day, even after a good night’s sleep. I have not found the Cope Potion. It is like a Mana Potion or a Healing Potion, in that it magically recharges your Cope, and like a Healing Potion, it doesn’t actually exist.

It would also help to have a Cope status bar, so you can easily see what does recharge it. Resting and reading or watching television or a movie does help, but only so much. Plus, when the cabin fever hits, both of those options stop working. I also have issues with reading more than a few pages at a time because of the brain issues.

Weirdly, sometimes an activity that is very enjoyable and recharging when you are healthy can become draining when you are not. Going camping can be a lot of fun, or it can be hours of packing and loading the car, followed by setting up the tent, and so on. A party with a lot of people can be fun, or horrible.

And, of course, these are all moving targets. What was exhausting the day before might be fun tomorrow. And sometimes what was fun five minutes ago is suddenly exhausting. It can turn on a dime. Not often, but sometimes you hit empty and never even see the “Low Cope” light.

This brings me to why I wrote this: I want people to understand that sometimes I just can’t. I know it is hard to deal with someone who might be having a bad day and just have to shut down with little or no warning. Or someone who never wants to go anywhere. It isn’t fun from my point of view either.

I hope I will slowly get better and more alive. I want to get better. I am learning to push myself when I can, and take it easy when I can’t, and to be okay with myself either way.

I don’t know what will happen.


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